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October 26, 2016

Karan Johar is Not a ‘Visionary’ Filmmaker!

Here’s my Vlog to prove why Karan Johar is not a ‘visionary’ filmmaker. Transcript is below the video for those who are interested in reading as a blog.

Hi. This is Ashish Lal.

You know I believe that Christopher Nolan is the greatest visionary filmmaker in the world. Sitting in 2014 he had the vision what would be all around 100 years later – dust, dust and dust. That is why, another Hollywood filmmaker gave broom to Harry Potter to have a cleaner environment 100 years later. That is what I call vision!

And here in India, sitting in 2015, Karan Johar did not have the vision that in 2016, Pakistani artists would be banned in Bollywood. Seriously? Come on! Not even 100 years, just 1 year! That is why Bollywood lags behind Hollywood.

Karan Johar, you need to be severely punished for not being a visionary filmmaker. And after that, punishment, we all can dream that Bollywood would be full of astrologers cum filmmakers, wohoo!

You need to understand what vision is. Let me explain you through an example. In 1996, India gave Pakistan the status of MFN i.e. Most Favoured Nation). That’s called vision.

How is that a vision?

Because we had the vision that in future India’s relationship with Pakistanwill be great!

Future! When?

Just around the corner, about a million light years away, that’s it.

If relation will improve, then what is wrong with Karan Johar’s vision?

What is wrong with Karan Johar’s vision! Saala pseudo intellectual. Bol diya na Karan Johar’s vision is wrong. Samajh mein nahin aata ek baar mein. Saala dhobi ka kutta na India ka na Pakistan ka. Pasand nahin hai baat to ja, chod de desh. Aa jaate hain kahan kahan se. Samajh mein…nahin samajh mein aa raha, nahin samajh mein aa raha. Chal samjha isko, maar, maar saale ko, maar. Aaya samajh mein?

(Translation in English:

What is wrong with Karan Johar’s vision! You pseudo intellectual moron. I told you that Karan Johar’s vision is wrong, that’s it. You don’t get it. You’re like that washerman’s dog who is neither of the ghaat (place where he washes clothes), nor of his house. You’re neither of India, nor of Pakistan. If you don’t like what I say, just leave the country. God knows where such morons come from. You still don’t get it. Beat up this rascal, beat him up. Now you understand.)

Sorry Sir!

Sorry Sir. Aa jaate hain angrezi jhadne. Chal band kar, camera band kar, chal, chal chal.

(Translation in English:

Sorry Sir! Don’t show off your bloody English. Now turn off the camera, turn it off moron!)

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